BackBeat® CNT

BackBeat Cardiac Neuromodulation Therapy (CNT) is a Patented, Intelligent Bioelectronic Treatment for Hypertension

  • Patented implantable bioelectronic cardiac stimulation based treatment for hypertension that immediately and substantially lowers blood pressure while simultaneously modulating autonomic nervous system responses to reduce or prevent activation which drive and maintain blood pressure higher
  • Clinical results with 2-year follow-up from the European MODERATO I clinical trial demonstrate BackBeat CNT can reduce systolic blood pressure measured in office by an average of 23.4 mmHg, an amount that has the potential to reduce risk of heart attack and stroke by at least 50%
  • Can be readily incorporated into existing cardiac rhythm management devices such as pacemakers using standard implant and lead placement techniques
  • Rapidly adaptable to the existing paradigm of care for hypertensive patients already indicated for a pacemaker with expansion opportunity for treatment of refractory hypertensive patients who do not require a pacemaker but have significant blood pressure disease despite multi-drug daily treatment
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